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Molotow™ Streetwise-Sprayglue2 600ml

Valm. koodi: 970601
Tuotekoodi: 970601
Koko: 1 x 6kpl

Molotow sprayliima esim. julisteiden, kankaiden ja stencileiden liimaamiseen.

The Perfect Street Art Tool!

Novel fiber spray glue for permanent and temporary adhesion. Glues quickly and reliably: foam plastic, plastic, rubber, sponge rubber, textiles, metal, glass, lacquered sheet, artificial leather, leather, wood, carpet, rigid foam (styrofoam), flexible foam (moltopren) doesn't affect polysterene, is heat and damp-proof to a large extent and is also suitable on stonework.


Permanent adhesion:  On porous materials it is sufficient to put the glue on one side. The combination of both parts has to be effected in a damp condition. If the materials are not porous both parts have to be sprayed with the spray glue. After about 15 –20 minutes of drying combine the parts and press them together. 

Temporary short-term adhesion: in general spray on one side and let the glue dry for 20 minutes before you combine the parts. On sucking surfaces (e.g. concrete / stonework) adhesion after 1-2 minutes is possible. 

If necessary, the separation of the glued parts is mostly possible without any damages. Please always check for suitability. Surface has to be greaseless and dry. 

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Molotow&trade;  Streetwise-Sprayglue2  600ml


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