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Molotow™ Speedflow™ Cocktail Buff Resist Ink

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Speedflow on alkoholipohjainen, nitrogen inkki mikä mahdollistaa suurien alueiden värittämisen lyhyessä ajassa antaen peittävän ja täyteläisen lopputuloksen peitettävälle pinnalle. Tussia voi käyttää mm. sisä -ja ulkokäyttöön, teollisuus ja mainostarkoituksiin.

SPEEDFLOW™ COCKTAIL BUFF-RESIST INK Masterpiece ink  fast working on large areas, quick-drying, high covering-power, permanent adherent, glossy shimmer on plain surfaces, highly weather-resistant, abrasion-proof, indoor & outdoor use, alcohol-based, nitrogen for industrial or commercial use, 250ml safety glass bottle.The noble shimmering gloss is due to the extremely fine grinded pigments.  The ink convinces by a record-breaking drying which is possible because of high elusive solvents within the nitrogen lacquer composition. This improves the drying speed enormously. Still the completely dried ink proves tough durability and solid consistency: water-proof, UV-resistant and even wiping and scratch-proof. Molotow Cocktail is the refill ink for the Masterpiece-Marker and because of its optimized balanced combination it is the ideal tool - especially on plain surfaces - to work quickly and high-covering on large areas. Because of its univeral utilizability as well for indoor as for outdoor applications it can be recommended for the high requirements of industrial and commercial application

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Molotow&trade; Speedflow&trade; Cocktail Buff Resist InkMolotow&trade; Speedflow&trade; Cocktail Buff Resist Ink


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